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  • Burger king cashier:

    can I take your order

  • Me:

    Uhm can i just say. Acoustic versions of pop punk songs = Life .

  • Me later that night into the intercom phone at walmart:

    Acoustic is life

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this is so fucking surreal

a guy who makes shitty video game videos and draws himself as some sort of samurai dick mushroom with a goatee drew his wife as a dick-mushroom with tits

people were inevitably confused and skeeved out

so he teams up with a brony musician to make a parody of a sir mix-a-lot song full of awful innuendos, neckbeard voices sped up, thinly-veiled whining, and animated goomba tits

this man poured several hours that he’ll never get back into animating a twerking goomba in an attempt to criticize people who thought his drawings of mushroom titties were creepy